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 The following is a guest post from Allie Castillo. If you would like to write for Ask the Young Professional please see the guest post policy.

One of the many struggles I faced when I graduated was finding new friends in a new location. Here I was in a new place (physically and mentally) with no one to share it with. After a month or two, I became determined to get out there and meet other…

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It’s a counterintuitive title, right? Oh, the paradoxes. Actually, when considering the phrase “think outside the box, inside the lines” in the context of a career development site, it’s kind of meta. We’re talking about being original and creative within a structured professional role through an article that is itself a creative work inside a structured website, which is a creative work inside a…

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Spring is finally here! As I sit here writing this post (I’m outside on my apartment’s stoop! It’s gorgeous out!), people are outside cleaning their cars, throwing out old winter items and doing other house chores to prepare for the spring season.

Having regular cleaning sessions is a great habit to develop. Having a clean and clear space visually calms the mind, allowing you to think. I don’t…

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When I wake up in the morning, I have the best intentions of making it a good day. But let me be flat out honest with you, I suck at being a positive happy person.

I am telling you this because, I have been practicing being a happier person. My happiness means so much to the people around me and also to my contribution to the world. I am not a naturally up beat type of person. I am more of a…

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#blogging… The apple of my eye.

Get it!? 😎😘💻 #asktheyopro (at Central Cafe Brooklyn)

Happy Friday, everybody! I hope you had a wonderful week,
and have great plans set up for this weekend!

Here are some of my favorite posts from the last week!

That good career life.

Can My Boss Do That? by Alison Green

5 Ways to Rekindle The Lost Love With Your Job by Vanessa Collister

Time Management: 4 Keys To Avoiding Work-Related Stress by Elina David

5 Tools to Help You Manage Your Businessb…

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Talking about #productivity today on the #blog! How do you use your time well? Do you have time in your day for work, friends, family and for yourself? Measure your time management with us today on


Have you seen this article from Info We Trustabout creative routines? It’s got a great infograph that shows the daily routines of great minds like Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Dickens, Sigmund Freud, Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Not only does it show how different people’s work routines and approaches are, but it really hits a home run with time management.…

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@njbprmedia is this month’s (and our very first) #YoProSpotlight! Check out Natasha’s story as a self-employed PR guru.